The second leg of the Psoriasis Campus Caravan of hope was conducted at Hope Christian High School, August 14, 2018. Despite the heavy rains the Psorphil youth board (Yzha Villegas, Joonee Dela Cruz and Melvin Carson with Paul Mendoza, Jingget Villegas, and Doms Delos Santos) with PsorCoach Cris Javier still push through with the seminar and the participants this time were grade 6 students and they were ecstatic during the whole seminar. The program started with a pre-survey lecture wherein students answered questions about psoriasis and followed with the lecture of Yzha Villegas on what psoriasis is, different types of psoriasis, comorbidities of psoriasis during the talk of Yzha the students raised a lot of questions since their curiosity ignited on how psoriasis was acquired and amongst others, upon showing the pictures of the types of psoriasis students were shocked about the condition and Joonee Dela Cruz showed them how it really looks like, one of the participants tried to asked if it was true or just a prosthetic. Afterward, Melvin Carson introduced Psorphil and its advocacies and different programs wherein students were really attentive about how Psorphil helps patients not only with psoriasis but other disability.
Then the last phase of the seminar was the talk of Joonee wherein he discusses the daily challenges of psoriasis with psoriasis and how the society can help or worsen the situation of persons with psoriasis during these time students again asked questions regarding the condition and how Joonee surpassed all the challenges that he went through, students were enlighten about psoriasis and how they can help people with psoriasis by simply understanding them and accepting that psoriasis is not contagious. The last part of the program was answering the post-evaluation survey and the letters for youth with psoriasis, ballers, and foldable fans were given for photo taking. Before the program ends, Grade Level Coordinator Ms. Jhudelle Cavestany pasted the logo of Hope Christian High School and signed their pledge of support for the psoriasis campus caravan of hope in its advocacy promoting that psoriasis is not contagious and bullying will never be tolerated in their institution and photo opportunity with the participants was then followed. After the seminar, some students approached the team and asked for a hug showing support in the psoriasis campus caravan of hope.

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