The kidney is an important organ that helps remove waste from our bodies. And having chronic kidney disease is a very challenging condition.
A CELEBRATION for those who have survived, an INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a GATHERING of support for families, and an OUTREACH to the community
People who are making a difference.Indeed, not all people wear capes.Some just go and beyond their call of duty.Your steadfast commitment, unrivaled courageand exceptional dedication are always appreciated.
Masaya ba ang childhood mo? Naging "Mother" ka ba sa 10/20 at nanalo sa ubusang lahi?Nagkanotebook ka ba na ang cover ay yung mga artista?Madami ka bang nilaklak na Coke para makakuha ng madaming POGS?Nakapag-paanak ka ba ng Kisses?Madami ka bang nainom na Nido para makakuha ng Tales of the World storybook?
#Plantita and #Plantito out there, this episode is for you. National Gardening Exercise Day is observed each year on June 6th and encourages us to maximize the benefits we reap from gardening by adding some stretches and a few extra steps or squats. Gardening on its own is therapeutic, builds muscles, and burns calories.
Emphasizing the critical role of parents in the rearing of children, the Global Day of Parents recognizes that the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children. For the full and harmonious development of their personality, children should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, and understanding. Global Day of Parents provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents for their "selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship." The United Nations proclaimed 1 June as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honor of parents throughout the world.
Regular physical activity of moderate intensity – such as walking, cycling, or doing sports – has significant benefits for health. Some physical activity is better than none. The bicycle is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation.The bicycle can serve as a tool for development and as a means not just of transportation but also of access to education, health care, and sport;
During our stuck at home amid the COVID -19 pandemic situation, this one Filipina made the most of her time finishing 30 online courses from top Universities around the World.
Saranghae! Calling all K Drama fanatic out there! Let's discuss another pandemic survival approach this Saturday night! This time about your good love family marathon bonding time with K Drama Series and Netflix binge-worthy movies.
Psoriasis Philippines (PsorPhil) is the ONLY FILIPINO group recognized by the International Federation of Psoriasis Association and the International Psoriasis Network. Psorphil is a founding member of PsorAsia+Pacific.
Psorphil Secretariat 
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